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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 13, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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thank you for joining "fox and friends" first at 4:00, hope you have a great weekend and lucky friday the 13th. "fox and friends" first continues right now. have a great day. rob: it is friday, october 13th a major blow to obamacare, donald trump taking a scalpel to healthcare carving new options for the american people, whatever this means for you and your family. >> you are operating off of contacts, leaks, whatever you call the buyer for advice, develop some better sources. jillian: that message from the white house chief of staff john kelly from his press conference and what he has to say to the fake news media. rob: the season for shopping. black friday fate of dozens of
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malls across the country has been decided. "fox and friends" first continues now. ♪ rob: you are watching "fox and friends" first on friday the 13th. thanks for starting your day with us. we have to go to a fox news alert. a police officer has been shot and killed in the line of duty, chief of police confirming the sad news moment ago. the department not releasing the name of the officer. jillian: details still coming, circumstances unclear at this point. the suspect was hit by return fire, the suspect is in the hospital under arrest. we will keep you updated with new developments. rob: donald trump taking matters into his own hands in a step toward repealing and replacing
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obamacare signing an executive order to make new options for the american people. >> reporter: the white house is describing this executive order as one of the first steps toward repealing and replacing obamacare on its own. donald trump directed the department of labor, treasury and health and human services to make it easier for individuals and small businesses to buy health insurance across state lines through associated health plans. rand paul was in attendance for the signing ceremony in the roosevelt room where the president said millions would benefit from the change and it will cost the government nothing. >> the cost of obamacare has been so outrageous is destroying everything in its wake. this reform if it works and goes as planned will allow millions of people to get insurance across state lines at an
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inexpensive price. >> reporter: those changes are a ways down the road. administration officials say it may take a couple years for the proposal to be finalized. that is not the only action the white house is taking to dismantle obamacare, the white house announced it will no longer make payments to health insurers under the affordable care act cost-sharing reduction plan. those payments which can end immediately are a key part of obamacare to subsidize the cost of insurers offering coverage to americans with lower incomes. the white house as it an ending the payment, congress is not appropriated funds to make them. congress to repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare law and provide real relief to the american people, democrats are blasting the move with nancy pelosi calling it sabotage saying in a statement thanks to executive sabotage millions of americans with preexisting conditions could lose access to the affordable health coverage
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they are there families rely on. several other leading democrats are vowing to sue the administration over those payments. rob: it gets more complicated by the day. jillian: california wildfires the deadliest in the state's modern history, 31 dead, hundreds missing, 21 fires till burning, 200,000 acres scorched, as big as new york city. >> it was all around my house, the helicopters and everything and all of a sudden there goes the house. it was gone. i can't cry anymore. i quite a couple hours, i don't think i could cry anymore. jillian: fire investigators looking at whether down power lines that have ignited the fires. two police dead after a violent and fiery escape attempt. >> we have a mass casualty, some
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of them are critical. >> an officer struck multiple times with a hammer. jillian: justin smith and veronica garden were killed after there was a fire in an attempt to break free. area schools on temporary lockdown. 10 other employees and four prisoners were heard, no one escaped. rob: after 5 years in captivity and american interfamily every, caitlin goldman and her husband, canadian were kidnapped while traveling is tourist in afghanistan. they have three young kids, all were born as they were held captive. her husband is refusing to get on a plane, he fears he will be arrested over his sister's ties to a guantánamo bay detainee. the trump administration play a major role in helping the pakistani military to carry out
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this rescue. until analyst says this was a game changer in the war on terror. >> there is a new counterterrorism sheriff in town. we will see that more and more with these operations. it is rare for the us government to collaborate with a foreign country to conduct a hostage rescue of an american citizen. rob: the us says there is no indication on if coleman's husband will face an arrest. jillian: new details in the harvey wind means cancel reporting his contract allowed him to keep his job even if sexual harassment came into play as long as they paid the settlement cost. police on both sides of the atlantic, london in new york city investigating him. the news on the heels of another harassment bombshell, roy price suspended after tv producer accused him of wrapping her in
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2015. hollywood is quick to take aim at donald trump or make fun of the first lady, it took hillary clinton, champion of women's rights days to announce weinstein. kellyanne conway calling out the hollywood hypocrite saying any woman stayed silent was wrong not to speak out go back to the oscars a few weeks or. imagine for every unfunny political joke told every time the president's name was invoked replace with weinstein or rape or sexual predator or somebody actually used her power on stage, there were many so-called powerful rich successful hollywood women accepting awards, giving awards. what if one of them over these many years this has been going on stood up in front of a worldwide audience and said instead of thinking my mother and third-grade teacher and producer and agent i will tell you a story about what goes on in hollywood.
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any woman out there remains silent as the next generation suffers under the sexual predatory culture of this man are complicit here and have no right to stand up and say they speak for women. rob: another topic, white house chief of staff john kelly, a nice introduction yesterday, made himself very public. a guy i met not long ago, running the white house and has a big job. jillian: he came out swinging yesterday. let's hear what he had to say to reporters. >> i am not quitting today. [laughter] agent i just talked to the president and i don't think i'm being fired today. astounding how much is misreported. i will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are operating off of contacts, leaks or whatever you call them but i
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offer the advice may be developed better sources. jillian: he took his role in july and said i'm tired, when i come in in the morning, read quotes i allegedly said in articles and i know i didn't save them, frustrating. rob: a tough job dealing with a media with a high level of scrutiny on this white house and going after a number of sources they say they have within the white house and it is a tough job he has. here is lieutenant colonel oliver north, someone who knows politics quite well. here is what he has to say. >> he is a united states marine, he knows what it is like to be shot at by bad people shooting real bullets. he lost his own son as you pointed out this long more.
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his whole demeanor exudes confidence, he is not quitting, not going to be fired, not frustrated except by the inaccurate news stories. ask your self this. why is it so many of our colleagues in the media business believe anonymous sources and disbelieve an official like john kelly speaking on the record? why is that? rob: put it in perspective. a tough situation all around. i think there are bound to be frustrations in the white house, tough time for everybody working in the white house and a tough president to handle because he is a cowboy who does what he wants, tough job all around but the fact is he comes out and says get better sources because people tell you things -- jillian: kelly added donald trump's tweets do not construct murder. rob: violence in chicago continues to skyrocket.
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the city now seeing 500 shooting deaths this year alone. >> chicago is out of control. i don't know what they are doing in chicago. this many shootings and killings. rob: why our next guest says blame chicago mayor rahm emanuel. jillian: remember the democratic state senator who wished for donald trump's assassination, wait until you hear what she did this time. rob: 242nd birthday for the u.s. navy. here are some of the proud american photos you have shared with us. ♪ ♪ i need someone to hold me ♪ so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied.
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protesting the national income during thursday night football, malcolm jenkins and others raising fists before the game before the carolina panthers. tennessee titans player threatening to retire early if the nfl forces him to stand during the answer. wishart matthews tweeting i will be done playing football, the post was deleted shortly after. >> one louisiana sheriff taking a stand against the national anthem protest, the sheriff department is boycotting a local ford dealership as long as the automaker advertises with the nfl writing, quote, yes, the nfl players have a right to protest but we have a right to spend our money elsewhere. last year they spent $300,000 on ford police vehicles, see how
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that goes. jillian: 500 people have been killed in shootings this year alone. rob: a big number at a few months left. political analyst and chicago native caldwell, good morning, we watched this spike, 2014-15-16, it has got to level off. it is not happening. what do you have to say? >> numbers suggest 549 have been impacted by the shootings in chicago, disturbing on every level. i remind you of one name, look what mcdonald who was shot by the police. rahm emanuel, at that point, he showed how corrupt he really is. a single individual handicapped police from doing their job and order to not give public outrage when things happened. this is an unsafe city where my
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family is impacted by the violence. my little brother over memorial day, one of his best friends was shot and died in his arms. when i think of these situations i have no love for the mayor of chicago who i believe has taken the ability of the police to do their jobs out of their hands and focus solely on the sanctuary city status. jillian: i want your take on what donald trump had to say the other day. >> chicago is out of control. don't know what they are doing, this many shootings and killings, this is not like it is the united states of america. that is bad management, bad politics. we have incredible police in this country. they can stop it if they were allowed. jillian: could they stop it if they were allowed to do the job?
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>> i believe so and i think donald trump hit it on the head when he said bad management. you have a mayor, something no one mentioned, protecting sanctuary city status and not because he cares about undocumented immigrants. what most people don't realize is these folks are counted by the census. whether you are citizen or not you are counted by the census which determine the congressional district in illinois, 18 congressional districts the majority ran by democrats, job opportunities and power. rahm emanuel is only concerned about enriching himself and the power of the democratic party which the democratic party under mike madigan, they determine if they are going to lean democrat or republican. this is a long play by this party and this mayor and he disenfranchised the citizens
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especially african-americans on the south of chicago in this process. >> whether he is inspiring police to do their job is another conversation. i want to get into the story you lead into about your brother who had a best friend shot and killed in front of him. can you tell us in what part of the city that happens? >> he was on the south side of chicago during memorial day weekend, two individuals walked up to the car and riddled the car with 25 bullets. my little brother thankfully lived but his best friend died in his arms. rob: do you know what weapons they were using? >> i don't know what kind of weapons they were using which i'm thankful for god's grace allowing my brother to live. when you think of this and it
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impacts you so directly, how could you say nothing? i am thankful i have a platform as the largest cable network in the country, there are so many stories that are not personalized. we see these numbers on a regular basis, 500 people shot, murdered in chicago, just something we say on a weekly basis, not personalized. rob: it is happening so much. >> this impacted my story very personally. it is very telling. i hope no one chooses to vote for romney manual. he does not need to be reelected, he needs to be impeached in my opinion. jillian: thank you for sharing your story. we will be right back.
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rob: remember democratic state representative who wished for donald trump's assassination, she is back. jillian: carly shimkus is here with the new remarks. >> at it again. missouri state senator maria chapelle posting a meme on twitter comparing donald trump to adolf hitler. she shared that because she was upset by his recent tweets suggesting puerto rico spend money aiding themselves during hurricane maria recovery. this is not the first time she has said something controversial on social media. in august she was investigated by the secret service after she
2:25 am
suggested the president should be assassinated. there are new calls for her resignation. gloria on twitter says you need to resign. because saying things you don't agree with and killing 13 million people are equivalent. jen said way to keep it classy. this is disgusting by any standards but doesn't appear you have any. this woman is saying she's within her first amendment rights to post something of this nature. rob: what are you going to do about it? the whole harvey weinstein thing, his girlfriend has a history with harvey and coming up. >> taking hillary clinton to task for her recent comments on the harvey weinstein scandal. she did an interview on cnn and here's what she has to say. >> shocked. i was appalled. it was something that was just intolerable in every way.
2:26 am
>> no fan of donald trump, took to twitter with these remarks. i have to say hillary's interview was shameful in its deflection and disingenuousness. know that hillary clinton is not to put or unsophisticated about the world. the weinstein story has been out there for years. secretary clinton was one of the most intelligent, well prepared, well briefed politicians ever, i hope for a better response. rob is connected to the story, his girlfriend is one of harvey weinstein's accusers. very personal story. jillian: this next one is hilarious, roger goodell is slow to respond to things, not his wife. >> a new report shows roger goodell's wife was using a fake twitter account to defend his honor. online to tweet things like
2:27 am
this. a press release from players union. you can do better reporting. it sounds like the trump with an accurate firebombs. he was courageous and in the end leadership is hard, doing same, give him credit. reaction to this report is funny because a lot of guys are saying she is the greatest woman ever. i want a wife that would do something like that. jillian: you could say that. rob: president obama back on the campaign trail after a break and is not alone. >> let me say this. self-promotion is a terrible thing but someone has got to do it. i am a master legislator. rob: nancy pelosi, representing them at this point. jillian: the commander like you have never seen them before, the
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...and strengthen fibers. so, don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. jillian: said news, new orleans police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. the circumstances surrounding the shooting unclear. the suspect was hit by return fire and is in the hospital and under arrest. we will keep you updated as this breaking story develops, donald trump will rip up the iran nuclear deal today putting congress in charge of deciding whether or not to impose sanctions within 60 days as part of the agreements. the new agreement will, quote, deny the iranian regime, laying out the plan an afternoon beach.
2:32 am
>> for the first time, linked to mysterious and bizarre sonic attacks that physically injured 22 american diplomats cuba. some of the victims got brain damage saying something similar to this which has been -- what we show you. this is what it sounds like. imagine that much louder to the decade give damage to your ears, cannot imagine. the state department has yanked 60% of us death since the attacks. cuba has denied any involvement in this but they are responsible for the diplomatic -- admission we have been waiting for from deserter steps to plead guilty for desertion and misbehavior
2:33 am
before the enemy after being captured in 2009 by the taliban. in 2014 the obama administration traded for five suspected terrorists being held at guantánamo bay and that infuriated a lot of the numbers of the media. he could face a life sentence. jillian: congress couldn't get it done so donald trump is taking repealing and replacing into his own hands signing an executive order targeting obamacare. what is different this time. >> the white house has been forced to take this action on its own because of the inability to pass healthcare reform. the goal is to expand access to health care for individuals and small businesses by allowing them to band together to buy health insurance through
2:34 am
association health plans. this change along with making lower premium health insurance plans more widely available will benefit millions of americans. >> this will allow thousands of small business employers to have the same purchasing power as large employers to get more affordable and generous options. >> administration officials said it will be a few years before the details are finalized and cheaper plans become available. that is not a legal action they are taking. last night the administration will no longer make payments to health insurers under the cost-sharing reduction plan. those payments are a key part of obamacare and subsidize cost of insurers offering coverage to americans with middle to lower income. in a statement the white house said the decision is congress's fault saying there's no appropriation for cost-sharing
2:35 am
reduction payments to insurance companies under obamacare. in light of this analysis the government cannot lawfully make the cost-sharing reduction payments. democrats are blasting the move, chuck schumer saying having failed to repeal the law in congress the president is sabotaging the system using a wrecking ball to single-handedly report our healthcare system. those monthly payments to insurers could end immediately and that means expected to rattle the insurance marketplaces which will likely add pressure on congress to act. rob: democrats hitting the campaign trail but is this who voters want representing them? >> self-promotion is a terrible thing but somebody has got to do it. i am a master legislator. jillian: thank you for joining us, democratic minority leader, let's start with this. if there is no real clear leader
2:36 am
in the democratic party how will this win over america? >> it will be incredibly difficult. i have been a consistent critic of how the democratic party has been operating over the last few years all the way from 2014. democrats don't show up in midterm elections, that has had an impact on the balance of power in the senate and the way our states have functions. the legislatures and statewide officeholders determine the redistricting process which has been controlled by republicans which means we don't have competitive districts and there are so many issues at stake and it is my belief that number one, we need to have a new guard. i respect the work nancy pelosi has done over the decades, and bring younger people into the
2:37 am
fray, recruit more moderate individuals for office and focus on economic message rather than what people see as message of coastal elites. >> two options, they could swing far out left and go the anti-trump and moving that direction or move towards the center which would be the better move for them and capturing what to think right now. >> there is a binary choice. we have seen the growth of the progressive movement with bernie and the millennial push and democratic socialists who the
2:38 am
bernie camp. neither of those are the future of the democratic party. someone from ohio, we need to focus on the bread and butter kitchen table issues not abandoning social justice principles but leading with what americans care about. rob: if you think about 2020 you have mark cuban thinking of doing it. would, let harris be considered? does she have a chance? >> she is new. it is too early to tell but i think the democrats are looking for someone new. they see harris as someone like barack obama who was new to the senate but a little younger but is outspoken and may have that
2:39 am
charisma. is showing we have very limited choices and that is not to knock senator harris but we are looking for anyone to take the helm and run in 2020, there is no obvious choice going forward and our current leadership is 7 years old. jillian: barack obama campaigning in west virginia. >> it is not ever a bad thing to reach out to read states was one reason we have lost in the past is because we turn a blind eye to those communities that strayed from the democrats and have traditionally been with us. good for president obama reaching out and maybe more democrats can take his lead on that. rob: michigan and west virginia. thanks so much for joining us.
2:40 am
jillian: we are closely watching what is going on in california and so is janice dean. >> we have a system in the northwest but we are not getting any of that moisture in california. that is a problem, low humidity, temperatures go up this weekend, no moisture for the next 5 to 7 days for northern california and southern california, dozens of wildfires burn out of control. low relative humidity. the forecast we are talking about below 10% and that will be ongoing into the weekend. the fire whether it is elevated to critical. as we get through the weekend this will not change. the sonoma fire, 10% containment, 34,000 acres burned is not a good situation. prayers for all the firefighters out there with uncontrollable
2:41 am
weather conditions. rob: 40 minutes after the hour, they started fires, smashed windows and injured police officers. now college kids getting a dose of their own medicine. when university cracking down on campus craziness. jillian: the season for shopping, black friday at dozens of malls across the country just decided. ♪ start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap.
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2:45 am
restore community symbol of patriotism. five utah police officers hand delivered five american flags to residents who had there is stolen, donated by the american legion, no one has been caught. rob: a different kind of superhero story hitting the big screen. heather: the first african-american supreme court justice. is it worth your box office bucks. rob: fox news contributor kevin mccarthy. >> reporter: two major films opening, the first, marshall, an incredible film, this actor has played incredible real life characters, james brown, jackie robinson, thurgood marshall, first african-american supreme court justice, early on he
2:46 am
teamed up with a gentleman named stan friedman to take on an incredible case the defined both of their careers, shirley brown play the character accused of rape, kate hudson the accuser and essentially the story of trying to see if they can get him a not guilty verdict. an interesting story. the courtroom drama is incredible. i love a great courtroom film. i love being in a courtroom, the way the dialogue is delivered in these scenes, like watching an out -- they take dialogue scenes and make them feel like you are watching action. that is something the director does. it is a very well done story, an important film as well as i give it four five, i recommend seeing it. cool to see thurgood marshall early on in his career and the
2:47 am
confidence the character has. i can't wait to see him play black panther next year. jillian: the next one, grace of foreign or. >> i grew up watching jackie chan, super excited to see him back in an r-rated action phone, jackie chan growing up for me, super cop, police story, the rush-hour films, he is 63 years old which is still younger but still kicking butt and love watching these action films, the storyline is pretty simple. his daughter was killed and he goes out for revenge looking for the bomber who said the bomb off in london that killed his daughter. it is a very powerful film from an emotional standpoint. normally these types of action films have a so-so story building with crazy action, you actually enjoy the story. emotional depth this character goes through. pierce brosnan is fantastic, the
2:48 am
director of this movie, goldeneye and edge of darkness, great action filmmaker and they do a good job making jackie chan a realistic action hero, not doing things a 30-year-old would be doing, doing things that make sense for the character, he is fantastic in the movie. the score is incredible, he did a movie called drive with ryan gosling. it was cool to see jackie chan back in and action film, four out of five. the best movie in theaters is blade runner 2049. it is awesome. rob: we appreciate it. jillian: parents, listen up. hundreds of thousands of car seats recalled because your kids could fly out if you crash. what you need to know next. >> coming up on "fox and
2:49 am
friends" conservative students at the university of california berkeley face threats of violence for their views, their political views which are to the right of many of those on campus. we will talk to one of those students. the attorney general of the united states, jeff sessions, we will be talking to him about how the doj is giving sanctuary cities one last chance to change their ways. senator rand paul in the news, it starts 11 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news, "fox and friends" first comes back in two minutes. bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied.
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and always working to be better.
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rob: hundreds of thousands of
2:53 am
car seats recalled because you could could fly out of the car if you get into a crash. jillian: here is what you need to know. >> reporter: 500,000 car seats may not properly protect your child in an accident. there are six models on your screen. if you have one of those contact the company right away. they found this problem after tests they were running, mostly affects children over 65 pounds. if you have the lap belt but not the front harness there is an issue. i think you have to be -- rob: a speaker from google spying on you. >> reporter: this product, the google home any is supposed to come out next thursday and there are already issues.
2:54 am
it was secretly recording conversations. it would turn on on its own and record conversations and download to the google account. they acknowledge the problem and are working on a temporary fix. jillian: black friday, what is the deal? >> reporter: we might be keeping the shopping on black friday. cvo properties owned 62 malls across the country. they will close on thanksgiving. a lot of people want to make sure their employees can enjoy the holiday with your family. they have malls across the country in north carolina, tennessee, texas, pennsylvania, they will be closed on thanksgiving, open on black friday. >> probably the right way to go. thank you so much. jillian: an update, new orleans
2:55 am
police officer shot and killed in the line of duty overnight, police chief giving update moments ago. >> the subject fired upon our offices, striking our officers several times. >> trying to figure out if there was a crime in progress or what initiated the suspect to fire on the officers but the officer was shot multiple times and killed. the exchange of gunfire with a suspect at an apartment complex, a person that shot at them. the shooter is under arrest. he was hit by return fire from the officers and taken to the hospital, arrested and in the hospital recovering, the officer's identity has not been released. we will be right back.
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jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first, the good, one of america's most beloved tv characters is making a come back. >> out here, we reject political correctness or i could say pontificating crap. rob: conservative christian phil robertson landing his own show called in the woods with phil. it will launch at the end of the month. jillian: a prankster jumps on top of a car worth 350,000 bucks getting instant karma. the owner of the lamborghini
3:00 am
catching one him and taking him down. rob: buffalo lattes coming in hot. tim hortons coming out with a new drink that includes buffalo sauce flavor. only available in buffalo, new york. jillian: i love you but i'm not sure about that. happy friday. rob: "fox & friends" starts now. >> president trump taking things into his own hands when it comes to obamacare. >> president trump plans to cut off subsidy payments to insurers that would be the administration's most aggressive move yet to dismantle obamacare. >> sign an executive order to try to reshape the nation's healthcare system. >> this will cost the united states government virtually nothing. >> there is a very real legal element to the harvey weinstein saga. according to at least one news source the fbi is reportedly investigating him right now as is the new york city police department. >> i heard the tape that nypd, the special victims unit put together. make no mistake that tape would have been sufficient in my office when i was


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